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Launched in 2017 (but curating succesful Instagram Accounts since 2012) 

SO/IN AGENCY AG is a social media, 

content and influencer agency based in Zug, Switzerland. We provide lifestyle brands with full social media support, from creating a tailored strategy, managing your accounts, shooting unique content, authentic storytelling to connecting you with the right digital entrepreneurs (influencers).

Our goal is to bring awareness to projects and companies that engage themselves in purposeful and honest endeavours. While we provide strategies and tools in marketing and communications, brands can evolve in a conscious way and still achieve their full potential as they create a true difference by respecting their audiences and customers. This is the new do. Be a part of it.

Curator of 7 lifestyle Instagram Accounts with over 4 million followers such as @myinterior (2.5 mio) & @myexterior (850k) due to relevant, high quality and engaging content. We know exactly what it takes to build a strong relationship with your followers and how to turn them into future customers. 

“ @myinterior - the Feed Interior Designers Turn To for Inspiration (And you should too).”

– Vogue Magazine 

"@myinterior - a name, a guarantee of what is awaiting you when you visit this profile: daily interior design inspirations for every taste, from the most refined to minimalistic."

Grazia Magazine



Melanie Balasopulos

Melanie Balasopulos

Born and raised in Switzerland, Melanie Balasopulos was voted the 4th most influential digital influencer in Switzerland in 2019 alongside Roger Federer and Michelle Hunziker. 


She studied international communications, Film & TV production at the New York Film Academy and holds a Masters Degree in Luxury Business Management.


She is also the co-founder of the first Swiss Digital Influencer Academy, co-director of the first Influencer Management CAS at the HWZ (Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration), as well as a Professor at the Franklin University in Lugano.


Melanie is also the curator of large Lifestyle Instagram Accounts with over 4 Million Followers such as @myinterior, voted by Vogue as one of the top Design Accounts to follow.


As an entrepreneur, her goal is to inspire and help her clients reach their optimum potential.

 She lives by Oscar Wilde's words "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" and her life-long mission providing a voice to the voiceless and supporting worthy causes never wonders from her focus. 



Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 14.56.55.png

Curator of @myinterior,@myexterior &co. with  4 Million + Followers

Melanie Balasopulos is the  only founder of a social media agency in Switzerland who has built & curated in the past decade her own successful Instagram accounts within different lifestyle sectors with over 4 million followers (@myinteiror, @myexterior @myrestaurants etc) and viral videos on tiktok with millions of views. She has gained enormous expertise and know-how on what it takes to do the same for her clients. 

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