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We provide lifestyle brands with full creative & social media support.

We create tailored strategies, manage accounts, create unique content, come up with authentic storytelling and connect you with the right digital entrepreneurs (influencers).

As the only agency which has built & curated in the past decade its own successful Instagram accounts within different lifestyle sectors with over 4 million followers (@myinteiror, @myexterior @myrestaurants etc), we have gained enormous expertise and know-how on what it takes to do the same for our clients. 

Our Founder Melanie Balasopulos is also the co-founders of the first Swiss Influencer Academy in Zurich as well as the co-director of the worldwide first Influencer Management Program academically accredited at the Zurich Economic University of Zurich, HWZ. 

We create Social Media Management packages tailored to your needs.

Starting price CHF 5'000.- / monthly. 



Building a relevant marketing approach on social media is just like building a new house. Without an architectural plan, it will eventually collapse. 

After an in depth audit, we create a tailor-made strategy for you and adjust & improve it constantly.


We manage everything from curation of content to management of comments and everything in between. 

We focus on growing your brand’s social community and engage with the right audience.


Your Social Media success largely depends on the quality of your content. We create Content that converts. Content that engages. Content that builds loyalty and is in line with your brands DNA.


Using our extensive database of social influencers, we can boost your brand’s online presence with influencer initiatives. We work to develop and execute full influencer marketing campaigns that align with your brand’s mission. 


The key to any lasting relationship is to actually listen, and that is no different when it comes to developing a brand-customer relationship on social. We listen to the brand and their community members equally, identifying their needs and ensuring a strong synergy. 


TikTok is designed to inspire with authentic, creative content that can only be found on TikTok due to the functionality and features of the app.

We understand how to combine trends and expertise to connect your brand with Gen Z on Tiktok and go viral. 


We offer full day workshops at your company, ensuring your employees are up-to-date and learn the latest tips and tricks.

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