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Our Instagram Accounts

SO/IN is running 8 popular Lifestyle Instagram accounts with more than 6 million followers worldwide. Topics range from luxury Hotels, delicious Restaurants, Travel, Outdoor Activities, Health to Architecture, Fashion and Design. We offer advertising on all those Sites, helping your brand gain maximum reach and new followers and turn them into customers.

Instagram @myinterior

2.4 MIO Followers

Topics: Interior Design, Art, Travel, Architecture, Furniture, Lifestyle

Instagram @myexterior

915'000 Followers

Topics: Travel, Nature, Sports, Beautiful Destinations, Exterior Design, Fashion, Hotels, Lifestyle

Instagram @myarchitectures

355'000 Followers

Topics: Architecture, Design, Real Estate

Instagram @myrestaurants

237'000 Followers

Topics: Best Restaurants around the world, Travel, Interior

Instagram @mydesignlove

200'000 Followers

Topics: Design, Interior, Exterior, Cool Items, Furniture

Instagram @myfavhotels

185'000 Followers

Topics: Beautiful Hotels around the world, Travel, Leisure, Nature, Interior, Exterior


63'000 Followers

Topics: Fashion, Design, Clothes, Accessoires, Influencers

Instagram @mybodydetox

44'000 Followers

Topics: Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness, Healthy Food & Drinks, Detox

Instagram: @myinterior
Instagram: @myexterior
Instagram: @myarchitectures
Instagram: @myrestaurants
Instagram: @mydesignlove
Instagram: @myfavhotels
Instagram: @mybodydetox

Connecting brands with influencers  #SOINfluencer

Influencer marketing is a very valuable tool for brands as 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands.
Sharing content through influencers increases conversation by at least three to ten times, increasing also the reach, engagement (likes & comments) and brand awareness which ultimately leads to more customers and revenue.

Here are some of our creative Influencers from the Entertainment, Fashion, Sports and Film Industry:

Mia Stass
Zoe Pastelle
Mariah Schäfer
Larissa Iirina
Jan Schumacher
Rafael Beutl
Benjamin Friant
John A.C. Marques
Naomi-Jane Adams
Jamie Schnellbacher
Rebecca Gawthorne
Giulio Aprin
Ketevan Giorgadze
Michelle Chu
Soraya Bakhtiar
Marina The Moss
Travis Trigger Smith
Helene I Girls born to Travel
Vincent Corver
Billie-Jean Harper
Tour de Lust
Cristina Gheiceanu
Thao Nhile
Leyla’s Bazaar
Yoga Nora
Kevin Lütolf
Saranda Reci
Bram van Adrichem
Zander Bleck
Michèle Livia
Robin C.
Ben Slade
Elisa van der Woodsen
Annabel Pesant
Kelechi Kalu
Elad Ziv
Ira Raf
Sofi Fil

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