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We listen, we care and craft emotionally engaging stories with insight and vision, that help shape your brand’s identity.

About the agency

Founded in Zug, Switzerland, SO/IN is the first Agency of its kind in Switzerland to actively combine Digital Marketing with Influencer Relations.
We focus mainly on Lifestyle and Luxury Brands and our mission is to inspire and help brands reach their optimal potential. Applying creative digital storytelling and building strong relationships between brands and their customers are among the key tactics that facilitate the realization of this goal.
By combining our Digital & Influencer Marketing expertise with our roots in entertainment, fashion, technology and lifestyle, we are able to bring a whole new perspective to the table.
Equally important to us, is our Corporate Social Responsibility. We dedicate some of our time and expertise to pro bono work. We strongly believe that it is very important for businesses to give back to their community and to support activities that positively impact the environment and society as a whole.

We would love to join your digital journey.

What we can do

About the founder

Melanie Balasopulos, Founder of SO/IN AGENCY

Melanie Balasopulos, Founder

Having completed her Bachelor in International Communications at Franklin University and  her Masters Degree in Luxury Goods and Services in Monaco, she moved to New York where she studied Film Production before later returning to Zurich to study Social Media Publishing.
Her all rounded knowledge in these fields are what make Melanie capable of producing outstandingly creative and unique work for her clients.
She has mastered the art of taking advantage of digital technology without compromising the core values that make up the basis of both lifestyle and luxury brands.
As a result of her multifaceted work experience in PR, Formula 1 Events, Film production and marketing campaigns, she is able to effortlessly come up with creative and emotional storytelling that establishes a bond between customers and their brands.
As an entrepreneur, her goal is to inspire and help her clients reach their optimum potential. In addition, she takes her social responsibility seriously as well. Her life-long mission of providing a voice to the voiceless and supporting worthy causes never wanders from her focus.
She lives and works by the words of Oscar Wilde stating Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.