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Social media consulting

Without strategy, content is meaningless. That’s why we analyze your current online presence and help you, through tailored consulting, to develop the online strategy needed to stay competitive in a fast changing digital world.

  • Status Quo Analysis
  • Individual Digital Strategy
  • Content Consulting
  • Tailored Concepts
  • Customized Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Storytelling and Content
  • Cross Marketing synergies between our Clients
  • Individual Workshops


Social Media is about telling emotional, relevant stories, building authentic audiences and providing it seven days a week, in predefined time periods, and with a suitable content strategy. We can either support your social media team or be your social media team.

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Develop Creative Concepts and Stories
  • Cross Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event-Support via Live-Streaming, Stories, Posting
  • Monitoring/Tracking and Analysing
  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting


Influencers succeed where traditional advertising stumbles, by building and engaging a profound emotional bond with their followers. By matching the right influencers with your brand, your brand/product will be shared with the right target audience, maximizing your brand awareness.

  • Identify suitable Influencers in your Target Market
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy building
  • Managing the Talent side of Online Campaigning
  • Ensure authentic story telling
  • Monitoring/Analysing and Reporting of the Campaign
  • Monitoring/Analysing of each Influencer
  • Bespoke Influencer Events